Japanese Ramen Noodle Restaurant - Kyoto Tonryu

Ramen is a popular Chinese style noodle dish which developed in Japan.

Ramen has become almost a folk religion in Japan, with each chef working to create his version of the perfect bowl of noodles.

TONRYU is not an exception and is another one of the unique ramen that our chef created using the broth made out of pork and chicken bone and numerous kinds of vegetables.

Come and taste a bowl at each one of our restaurants. You will be sure to come back to us regularly like many of our customers.

We also serve original homemade a la carte dishes that would make a perfect match with your ramen.


We have three restaurants in town which are conveniently located for a quick meal during your tours in Kyoto. Please click each one of the pictures of ramen above.

Our noodles have been introduced on the media many times and have been very popular ever since the opening of the Tonryu Honten in 2000.

Please come and enjoy the popular ramen at Tonryu and Fukusenro. We look forward to serving you!


At november, Isshindo was closed. So sorry.


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