FUKUSENRO - Kitashirakawa

FUKUSENRO - Kitashirakawa

FUKUSENRO - Kitashirakawa

You will find a long RED lantern and macramé curtain hanging at the entrance.

Business Hours:
6:00pm-1:30am or when the noodles are sold out.
(Open in the evenings only.)
Closed on Tuesdays
(In case of national holiday, please check by calling.)

The Taiwanese style homemade noodles in our original soy sauce flavor soup is topped with chopped tender pork and sprouts. The pork are simmered until its juiciness savor your pallet. Chopped garlic is added at your request.



  • 11-minute walk from the Ginkaku-ji Temple (Silver Pavilion).

Walk northward for about 6 minutes from Imadegawa-Shirakawa crossing on the east side of the Shirakawa-dori Street. Pass one traffic signal, passing the ‘Liqueur Mountain’, and you will find us on the right hand side before the ‘Circle K’ convenience store.

Inside the restaurant

Inside of Restaurant

All seats are facing the counters. Please purchase the food tickets first at the entrance. If you need any help using the vending machine, please let us know. And thank you for not smoking inside the restaurant.

In case the seats are fully occupied, we appreciate if you would wait outside, securing enough space for the pedestrians. You will be served as soon as the seats are available.


Yatai Ramen
With chopped meat and sprouts
Yatai Ramen – Ohmori
Large portion
The most popular ramen in our store.
Fukusenro Ramen
Extra tender fatty pork on Yatai Ramen
Chashu Ramen
Extra chunks of pork added to Yatai Ramen
Fuku Special Ramen
With chopped pork and sprouts, plus the fatty pieces and chunks of pork
Fuku Special Mini Ramen
The smaller portion

For big appetites

Larger portion of noodle 230g
Normal size contains 150g of noodles
Additional 60yen
Larger portion of noodle 300g
Additional 120yen
A seasoned poached egg
Additional 120yen


Suji-niku Gohan
Tender pork on rice
Bowl of Rice
White rice from our farm
Chef's recommendation!
A set of Yatai Ramen and Suji-niku Gohan
Limited to Summer Time Only
Fuku Tsukemen Ramen
Cold noodle with soup on a side


A bottle of Kirin Beer 500ml

Chef's Recommendation

  • Top Seller!
    Fukusenro Ramen
    Fukusenro Ramen

    Our specialty menu. Flat homemade noodle is covered with tender pork and sprouts. Enjoy the juiciness of the slices of simmered pork added on top.

  • Recommended!
    Yatai Ramen
    Yatai Ramen

    The chopped tender pork and sprouts topping our homemade noodle. Another popular bowl among the regular visitors. We made it with this price!

  • Seasonal Dish
    Fuku Tsukemen Ramen
    Fuku Tsukemen Ramen

    Boiled noodles are once poured with cold water to bring it to its best texture. The noodles are drained and served on a plate with slices of tomatoes and white leeks. The soup is soy sauce flavor with slight sourness and chops of pork. The best way to enjoy ramen in the summer time.

Related Information

Minimum one serving per person

Minimum one serving per person:

Fukusenro has very limited number of seats. We kindly ask every customer to order minimum of one bowl
of ramen. Thank you for your understanding.

Mochi Buta:

Kyoto’s original pork brand, Kyoto mochi buta, is used for all our pork dishes. Enjoy its tenderness with a mild sweetness.

Fukusenro is right next door to Tonryu, Kitashirakawa.



There are nine parking spaces behind the building.

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